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An in-depth understanding of specific industry environments, problems and trends is essential for us in providing our customers with an excellent service, to anticipate and respond to evolving needs and to seize the many opportunities that may arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Worldnet Bridge International is a leading company that works for the internationalization of businesses and the development of innovative and technological solutions for the wellness and investment market. It acts as a bridge between businesses, private organizations and governments. Unlike the various companies already present in the sector that cannot guarantee a result, with a waste of time and money, Worldnet Bridge simplifies relationships, accelerating deadlines and optimizing costs and investments.
Thanks to our Network we operate all over the world, but we have a specific focus in Western Europe and North West Africa.

In which sectors do you operate?
The sectors we mainly address are the following: agriculture, digital economy, mining industry, fishing and fish market, health and hygiene, tourism sector, medicine and pharmacy, real estate, education and training, water industry, gas and fuel, energy and renewable sources.

However, we are available for any consultation even outside the aforementioned.


Via Evangelista Torricelli 9
20090 Segrate (MI)

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