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the experience
of a great group

Worldnet Bridge is part of a large group that has been operating internationally in the field of security for years.


We are a company holded by Worldnet Agency, which is present since years on the Italian and international market and offers its partners all-round security solutions and services and which operates both locally and with large multinational brands.
Worldnet, in parallel with its main business, has over time diversified its commitments by operating in the field of business consulting, taxation, information technology and communication, up to the digital finance sector.

We have a head office located in Segrate, in Milan area, and several branches in Europe and North Africa

Today we are capable to bring on the whole internationalization process for companies operating in different sectors, providing strategic and operational support and, starting from the individual need, identify the right opportunities and start the processes abroad.

Thanks to our team, made up of multi-ethnic staff and with different professional backgrounds, you will have only a singe contact to evaluate and better seize the opportunities for expansion of your company towards foreign countries:

a single contact person who accompanies you throughout the internationalization process,
a single consultancy to effectively deal with the project development, with the peace of mind of being compliant with all the regulations in force in the country of destination.

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